Legalisation and what we do.


Legalisation is the formal authentication of U.K. documents for use abroad. It has to be done by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who affix a certificate called an “apostille”. Documents issued in another country cannot be legalised in the U.K.

The documents must be certified by either a Notary Public or a Solicitor, although some countries may not accept a solicitors certification as they are neither licensed or insured to do this work. Some documents may be signed by a “Public Official” e.g. Birth or Police Certificates.

The F.C.O. will only accept applications from members of the public sent through the post.  The completion of a complicated application form is compulsory. Currently the F.C.O. rejects many documents received directly from the Public. It then takes up to 20 working days to sort them out!

In contrast, on working days Milton Keynes Legalisation Service is permitted to take documents to, and collect documents from the Legalisation Office, and will return legalised documents the next working day after lodging, thus adding certainty of time to the process, and avoiding delays in the post, or  backlogs at the Legalisation Office.

We also check documents we receive to ensure that they comply with Legalisation Office requirements, and at no extra cost will assist you in resolving any problems.

If you wish, we will also send legalised documents to someone else and even abroad for you.

Milton Keynes Legalisation Service was founded in September 2008, by solicitor Neil Jopson LL.B. We have, since then, received 11,000 plus  individual orders and successfully handled almost 30,000 documents for satisfied customers.

If the services of a Notary Public are required, we do have a network of notaries who can be relied upon to offer a good service, and who will send notarised documents to us for legalisation.  To find a Notary search here

Finally your document may also need further legalisation at a foreign embassy (“Consularisation”) even after it has been legalised in Milton Keynes. We can help you here too. Click here for more information.

If you would like us to legalise your documents, click here .

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