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Your documents will be checked for legalisation by a qualified solicitor and will be returned to you on the next working day.

The Legalisation Office say "Most people prefer to retain control of the documents rather than trust them to the post, and for some customers it is not practical"

We will at no extra cost help you eliminate the sort of problems which lead to documents being rejected by the Legalisation Office, who can take up to 4 weeks to do so. We check each document to ensure that it will prove satisfactory, and will work with you to rectify any problem. There is always someone to talk to.

Notaries and Solicitors

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“You would be surprised at how rubbish we were at legalisation before we dealt with you" C.T. Notary

“An excellent reliable, professional service at a reasonable price. For Notarial work it is essential to ensure matters are dealt with without delay and I would not risk dealing with matters without instructing Neil's service." E.D. Notary

Members of the Public

"Thank you ever so much for all your hard work and patience when faced with my endless questioning and ignorance of the process. Should I need anything legalising in future I will not hesitate to get in touch. I am most grateful for all the help." J.H.

Our fees include the F.C.O. fee of £30.00 per document as well as "Signed For" return postage, and we believe that they are the lowest priced in the U.K..

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